Data Services

Making the most of data intelligence

ProspectaBase has a range of services designed to improve the use of and results from your chosen data source. Whether you want to ensure you have clean data (and are acting in a manner compliant with CTPS and GDPR), or wish to dig deeper into your database to find the most profitable prospects to target, we have an option that will suit you.

Making the Most of Data

CTPS Checker

CTPS Checker from ProspectaBase enables you to market with confidence knowing that any data you use is checked against CTPS records.

Companies must ensure that the data they use is

checked against the CTPS before individuals

are contacted. Stay

onside with the regulators by using clean data for engaged prospects.

It's a legal requirement

that companies don't make marketing calls to CTPS registered numbers. If you do you're in breach of data protection legislation and liable for a fine.


DataBeat gets right to the heart of your data, identifying your customers with the most potential for profitability.


The service enables you to understand or analyse your profitable customers, prospects or target market sweet spot and to use this knowledge to target other, similar, organisations.


PureData delivers clean and intelligent B2B marketing data for clients that carry out external digital content syndication via web forms or events badge scans.


This service eliminates ‘mickey mouse’ form fills to avoid compliance issues & injects only the most pure and accurate B2B data to your CRM. 


PureData turns dirty data into clean data and adds

infrastructure intelligence

to create intelligence rich leads for marketing.