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90% of B2B businesses use emailing platforms or marketing automation systems to deliver digital marketing content to their target audience.

We all know the sheer volume of email that comes into our inboxes, all extolling the virtues of their brand.

With this in mind, it’s more relevant than ever to make eMarketing activity more compelling and personalised to your target audience.

Use ProspectaBase to

tap into a database of 315,000+

contact names and 97,000+

UK based businesses

and organisations

Granular segmentation capabilities, coupled with masses of intelligence against each account, support personalised outreach activities.

ProspectaBase provides cleansed, ready-to-email data, across target verticals by  company size, infrastructure and buying personas.

Personalise and segment by:

  • Data Centre

  • Telecoms

  • Business Intelligence

  • IT & Network Security

  • Networking

  • Cloud

  • Email

20+ years of IT industry experience

ProspectaBase is the UK’s leading IT industry end user database.

We help businesses acquire contact data to support their marketing needs.


Looking for advice or guidance? Give us a call, we love to share.

We have the know-how you need.

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