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Multi-touch Marketing

Personalise by Buying Persona


Segment your audience by buying persona, to create content that focuses on typical pain points, challenges and requirements.


ProspectaBase provides segmented target audience demographics, 

presenting you with a data

list split by buying persona.

Personalise by IT Landscape

Knowing what technology end users already invest in is a crucial part of structuring an outreach campaign. 


ProspectaBase records are enriched with existing installation data. 

Such data allows you to create bespoke messaging around solutions and to up-sell/cross-sell solutions from vendor portfolios that the end user already trusts.

Multi-touch marketing; the ideal way to take a customer on your product journey.

ProspectaBase data supports clients in creating fit-for-purpose, perfectly profiled MTM campaigns.

The key to MTM activity is sending personalised outreach activity into a multitude of data sets based on buying personas and detailed profiling.


With outreach activity into a target database via multiple channels, you can create a measurable engagement cycle and convert new customers.

Personalise by Business Type

Segment your audience by business vertical to create content focused on the typical issues that your target vertical tends to face. Your inside knowledge will allow you to demonstrate your skill set and expertise of their market segment.


ProspectaBase will segment your target audience demographics and present you with a data list that’s split by business vertical for a seamless campaign.

20+ years of IT industry experience

ProspectaBase is the UK’s leading IT industry end user database.

We help businesses acquire contact data to support their marketing needs.


Looking for advice or guidance? Give us a call, we love to share.

We have the know-how you need.

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