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Buying Personas

The People You Need to Target

If you’re targeting your value proposition to IT decision makers,

ProspectaBase enables you to segment your audience by C-level, D-level

and M-level IT contacts.


Influencers in the buying process are a crucial target market. ​Influencers know all the details behind the requirement, are tasked with identifying suitable solutions to relay to the decision maker. If your solution looks compelling, they may just be the key to orchestrating a meeting between your company and the decision maker.


In addition to its key focus on IT department buying personas and IT installation intelligence, ProspectaBase is also enriched with non-IT contact data.

Examples of additional data intelligence include: 

  • C-Level

  • Owner / MD 

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • eCommerce

  • Sales

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