• Helen Pritchett

Your Data Matters

The dramatic revelations of the last few weeks can be seen as a game changer in data protection,” said Elizabeth Denham, the U.K. Information Commissioner, at her agency’s annual conference for data-protection practitioners. “Suddenly everyone is paying attention. The media, the public, parliament, the whole darn planet it seems.

Data breaches are a hot topic, particularly the recent Facebook debacle. In light of recent breaches, and the impending GDPR, the ICO has launched the 'Your Data Matters' campaign. It aims to increase the public's trust and confidence in how their data is used and made available. 

The campaign gives the ICO the opportunity to achieve this goal by offering 'off the shelf' communications materials to organisations who share this goal.

The ICO states that in August 2017, on average, only one in five people in the UK public had trust and confidence in companies and organisations using their personal data. This is a statistic that has to change. The aim is to deliver consistent educational messages that will help individuals understand the changing data protection environment in a practical and straightforward way. The ICO wants people and organisations to engage with the campaign and spread the word.

“The proper use of personal data can achieve remarkable things,” said Denham. “Now, more than ever, the role of data protection practitioner is not just as a guardian of privacy but as an ambassador for the appropriate use of personal data in line with the law.

To get involved get in touch with the ICO and request the Your Data Matters communications package.

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