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With the right data, targeting is easy (#datadrivenmarketing)

To succeed at anything, you need to be prepared and have all your ducks in a row. Ensuring you’ve dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’ will bring dividends. A sloppy and lackadaisical attitude will bring disappointment and recriminations. As the Royal Marines say, “Prior preparation and planning prevents p**s poor performance” and, furthermore, the Boy Scouts motto is “Be prepared”.

There are many examples in life to draw from. Climbing a mountain is more achievable (and safer) if you have the right kit. Running a marathon can be accomplished by pretty much anyone* given the right training and preparation. Employing the right, talented team of people is a breeze if you have precise job descriptions, a focus of the right person in mind and use the right recruitment agency.

What I’m trying to say is getting the basics right will deliver the results you want. Don’t ignore the detail, that’s where the devil is. Be precise, focus, give attention to the detail ad you won’t go far wrong.

Guidance from the data fast lane

In our (many) years of experience providing folk with data to match their marketing goals and campaign requirements, we’ve found that a few things are key to any successful marketing campaign.

Firstly, data matters. Without it your campaign is going nowhere. Whether it’s your won or you buy it in, make sure you have the best quality data available. Money spent on accurate, up-to-date data is money well spent and your campaign (as well as your key stakeholders!) will thank you for it.

Secondly, it’s contact data that is critical. Names, phone numbers, job titles, email addresses and physical addresses. Ensure you have it all and that it is up to date (see cleansing in point 4 below). Databases with big holes in are no use to you. Make sure the data you buy, or gather, is as complete as it can be. Spending time calling companies to ensure personnel data is accurate will reap dividends.

Thirdly, but only just third to contact data itself, is data on installation and infrastructure intelligence. Its all very well having contact data, but if you don’t know what infrastructure the end user has, what current technology is installed or when its renewal dates are, you’ll be behind the 8 ball. Choose data that already contains this information so you’re getting in touch with engaged and ready to buy contacts; those whose current systems are up for renewal, who already use your type of product or service and who may be looking for a new supplier.

Fourthly, cleansing is crucial. Bad data is bad data and will take you nowhere fast. Data should be regularly cleansed and checked against CTPS and personnel changes. A database that sits dormant for several months and isn’t frequently cross-checked for validity will bring a campaign to its knees, no matter how compelling your content. ProspectaBase data is cleansed regularly by our team of data scientists to ensure it is the most accurate and clean IT contact data in the UK.

ProspectaBase also offers a service called CTPS Checker which enables you to market with confidence knowing that any data you use has been checked against CTPS records.

Additionally, data gathered at events or via web form fills can be patchy. A service such as PureData from ProspectaBase turns dirty data into clean data and adds infrastructure intelligence to create intelligence rich leads for marketing.

Coming in at number 5 is segmentation. An essential element of any personalised, targeted marketing campaign, segmentation allows you to be extremely focused to very specific target audiences with very precise messaging. Each of your products/services is unique and so are the needs of your end user prospects. Segmentation allows you to develop very specific audience lists which – using marketing automation – can each receive different, personalised messaging meaning that relevance and engagement are high, and conversions are more likely. Segmentation, combined with an account-based management approach, can result in lead generation and nurturing rapidly developing into sales and ROI.

In sixth position. targeting and personalisation is key. We all know marketing is most effective when it is carefully targeted. Account-based management is a highly effective marketing strategy which relies on data-rich and intelligence rich approach. Highly personalised marketing is the future. Yes, there is some place for broadcast emails, but to really hit your desired market you must segment, target, and personalise. Such an approach allows you to serve the right content to the right people at the right time – a recipe for sales success.

Seventh! Compliance is critical. Always ensure your data usage sits firmly within all data protection legislation such as GDPR and ePrivacy. If you are reluctant to rely on your in-house data, working with a reputable marketing services agency whose data is compliant with all necessary legislation is a must. They can either take your data and clean it, or provide you with fresh, accurate and reliable data that you can trust.

Finally, the science bit … analytics and measuring. We can learn from every campaign. Take stock after campaigns have come to an end and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Take a “stop, start, continue” approach, using the data your campaign produces to assess which elements you should scrap, what should be retained and what new strategies should be incorporated. Your response data will educate future campaigns, enabling you to learn and enhance, thus improving ROI in the long term.

If you have the right data, targeting is easy

We made this statement right at the top of this blog. Have we proved it to be true? We’ll leave answering that question up to you, the readers. But we hope you’ve learnt a little about what we see as the most important features of successful data-driven marketing. We think it goes without saying that without the right data your campaign will be off the rails sooner than you can say #datadrivenmarketing!

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*well, almost anyone, with the usual caveats of course!

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