• Helen Pritchett

The Value of Buying Personas in Helping Data Achieve its Potential

Buying Personas have been creating a bit of a buzz for some time now. They’re not new or innovative, but if you’re not using them you could be overlooking the true value of your data.

What is a Buying Persona?

Buying personas are semi-fictional representations of your typical customer, which are developed based on market research, customer profiling (and a few assumptions!). Developing these personas can help you understand and relate to your target audience, enabling you to create targeted campaigns and more effective marketing strategies.

According to a study by Mark W. Schaefer, 90% of a brand’s sales will come from as few as three or four buying personas. No surprise then, that it is hugely important to identify these groups; your potential customers. Creating personas is a no-brainer for any organisation that relies on customer acquisition, conversion and retention. Personas are extremely useful for developing and evaluating messaging, content and offers that differentiate your brand from the competition, especially as it is widely acknowledged that personalised campaigns can generate many times more revenue than generic ‘one size fits all’ campaigns.

Personas can also help your sales team build rapport with potential customers. By acknowledging and understanding customer objectives, preferences and challenges, you can create a strategy, campaign and, crucially, content that provides solutions, thus demonstrating a prospect-oriented, customer-centric approach to your relationship. Combine this with carefully selected data sets for a winning marketing approach. It is vital to engage your prospects, and the best way to do this is to get under their skin, develop a fruitful, synergetic relationship and develop trust. The more you know about your customers, the easier this will be.

Without buying personas marketers would create content that we believe to be engaging but we’d really be whistling in the wind. We wouldn’t know what to create, what to share, how to engage or where to focus our marketing efforts. No matter how good our data we’d be wasting a lot of its potential with weak and generic marketing. The purpose of developing buying personas is that you know exactly who you want to attract and why, who is going to appreciate your lovingly constructed content and who will be inspired enough to engage, interact and build a concrete customer relationship. Considering personas when creating campaigns is critical; they help to focus keyword research, campaign content and should always be used as a reference when crafting copy.

As a database company, the most exciting thing about personas for us is that they enable you to make the most of your data. Focusing on the different personas gives another aspect to intelligence rich data, allowing you to segment and target, being specific and detail oriented. Developing buying personas will turn your data from simple contact names and information into invaluable insight.

Buyer personas help you to get value out of your data by:

  • Understanding where and how to reach and engage with your audience

  • Communicating with buyers in their language and according to their preferences

  • Creating targeted content that provides value and resonates with each specific customer

  • Generating the most compelling messages

  • Recognising and catering for customers’ buying behaviour and preferences

  • Understanding the customer journey

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