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Spring Clean Your Data and Create Intelligence-rich Leads

All marketers want is clean, intelligent B2B marketing data. Without it, even the most dynamic and innovative marketing campaigns will fail.

To gather this prospect data, marketing departments often use enewsletters and events as well as ‘gated content’ which generates leads from web form fills. A web form sits on top of thought leadership collateral such as a whitepaper, survey results or event/webinar registrations. Whatever the gate is designed for, its outcome is the same - to gather company and contact details to populate a CRM or marketing database for sales follow up.

The challenge is that bogus or inaccurate details can be entered which results in databases being filled with poor intelligence. Data sets created from such CRM data are imprecise and unlikely to yield a positive response, leading to wasted sales efforts.

This might sound like an impossible situation to retrieve, however, there is a solution.

Data Cleansing and Amelioration

Data cleansing involves detecting and correcting/removing corrupt or inaccurate records from a database. Incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data set are identified and then replaced, modified, or deleted, leaving only the very cleanest of data for marketing usage.

There are many key benefits of the data cleansing, including:

1. It removes errors and inconsistencies

2. Improves efficiencies as details can be quickly extracted from the data.

3. Fewer errors result in happier customers experiencing better ROI

For data to be beneficial to your marketing efforts it must be standardised, validated and deduplicated. Having achieved this, it can be analysed and monitored to ensure no data quality issues emerge.

This all sounds quite simple but how do you make it happen?

PureData is our answer to clean and intelligent B2B marketing data.

The PureData service not only cleanses data, it eliminates ‘mickey mouse’ form fills (including B2C domains) to avoid compliance issues and injects only the most pure and accurate B2B data to your CRM. PureData turns dirty data into clean data and adds infrastructure intelligence to create intelligence rich leads for personalised, targeted telemarketing or eMarketing.

What Does PureData Offer?

PureData cleanses and/or appends your web form fill data. Its vast database gives access to additional data which can be used to add information to scant records. Data such as company name and address details, and personal contact details such as email address, direct dial and mobile number can all be provided. It can even furnish additional job title specific contact details for IT decision makers or senior IT budget influencers, as well as installed infrastructure enabling you to enrich your data with existing IT landscape details and information such as number of network users and physical/virtual server count. Furthermore, data can also be enhanced with vendor installation information on remits such as data centres, IT & network security, networking & telecoms, business intelligence and cloud.

Get Ahead of the Competition this Spring by Adding PureData to Your Strategy

It’s a marketing leading product to help you clean up your data and enhance your CRM with additional intelligence.

Read more about PureData here.

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