• Helen Pritchett

Keep Data Licensing Simple

At ProspectaBase we love keeping things simple, and we apply this approach to our IT contact data licensing model.

Acquiring data is vital for marketing campaigns and shouldn't be an arduous task. Furthermore, data isn't a 'one size fits all' scenario. All client requirements are unique and varied, you might be looking to:

  1. Grow your database

  2. Run a strategic, long/medium term campaign

  3. Run a short and sweet campaign

  4. Dip your toes - test the water with a new market, product or message

That’s why ProspectaBase offers you a number of simple purchase/licensing options to best suit your needs. We believe in tailoring our data to our clients' requirements. We're not interested in tying you into long contracts. We're confident that our data is so good you'll come back to us again and again.

Your choice of data purchasing/licensing options include:

  • Eternal

  • 12 Months

  • 6 Months

  • 3 Months


This is the premium option; the option to choose if long term investment in data is what you and your business needs. There is no license, you buy the data to keep - it's yours. Eternal is the ideal option if you want to build or grow an internal database or have ongoing, perennial data requirements. It is perfect for those with complex CRS systems or when removal of data at the expiry of a license could be challenging.

12 Month License

Our 12 month license allows the unlimited usage of ProspectaBase data for a 12 month period. It is our most versatile licensing option and is the right choice for long-medium term strategic marketing campaigns.

6 Month License

This option allows the unlimited usage of ProspectaBase data for a 6 month period. Perfect if you don't want to commit for 12 months but have a medium term data requirement.

3 Month License

Our 3rd licensing option allows the unlimited usage of ProspectaBase data for a 6 month period. Ideal for short term marketing activity, to test the water with new markets, products or messaging.

Why ProspectaBase?

The accuracy or our data and the flexibility of our licensing is what attracts most of our clients. We generally sell data on a licensed basis as this make most sense economically and in terms of versatility. However, if you do wish to 'pay as you use' or discuss a bespoke data requirement, please do get in touch.

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