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Intelligent Data; the foundation of every marketing strategy

Intelligent data is the foundation of every marketing strategy. Data isn’t new, we’ve always had it, but it’s generally been historical, static and stagnant.

In the modern marketing world, data is current, dynamic and relevant. It is packed full of insight and intelligence. It can be sliced and diced as required to deliver the right level of bespoke criteria demanded by each campaign. It can be used proactively and responsively to improve the customer experience, build brand loyalty and increase sales.

As our databases have developed, we have been able to gather and store data in a way that delivers timely and relevant insight and information. Marketing has become data-driven, using the intelligence in databases to execute targeted, customized and personalized campaigns. Proof that one of the best things about data isn’t simply the intelligence, it’s the fact that it is customer-centric; putting customers (quite rightly) at the centre of your marketing activity.

However, what’s most important to marketers is the ability to combine this data-driven intelligence and good old-fashioned intuition to bring about positive sales results.

Data makes the difference

Use your big data to find the little data that will make the difference. An easy-to-use segmentation tool makes targeting and personalisation simple and incredibly effective, even with the biggest, most unwieldy database.

Segmentation allows you to drill down to target specific prospects based on particular criteria such as:

· Number of users/seats

· Physical server volume

· Virtual server volume

· Total data stored

ProspectaBase is the only UK-based IT database to size by network component; it’s this deep-dive level of market intelligence that makes this database even more special.

Installation data in ProspectaBase includes:

· Data Centre - 50,048

· Business Intelligence​ - 9,105

· IT & Network Security - 49,996

· Networking & Telecoms - 9,834

· Cloud - 93,996

It isn’t all about data. Marketers should use personas to identify and clarify the target market, then create lists based on accurate contact data.

The challenge is to sift through the data for meaningful intelligence and signals that fit your target audience, and which marketers can use.

Cxense General Manager, Tom Wilde, told Marketing Dive that the key to successful, personalized campaigns is content delivery that feels seamless to the user. “In order to achieve this, marketers need to leverage the most meaningful data specific to their audience. Filtering out meaningful signals may be a big task, but the end goal is clear: using the most pertinent data to better tailor marketing efforts to target audiences”.

In conclusion, successful marketers focus on smart measurement, meaningful insights and gathering data intelligence that will inform how they can better engage their target audiences.

Tap into ProspectaBase and uncover the best IT end user data intelligence to drive successful marketing campaigns in the IT sector. The database offers unsurpassed contact data, including technical infrastructure and installation details and current supplier information.

Using smart IT contact data makes targeting simple and effective. Get you targeting right and your marketing message on point and lead generation and conversion will soon follow.

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