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  • Helen Pritchett

Great data works because …

“At its very core, data tells us what we need to do next. Data exposes inefficiencies and disadvantages. It reveals truths about our habits and what we might do next. It opens windows into opportunity, while offering a glimpse into the future. Data shines a light on what’s possible and has the power to make it a reality. But only if you use it in the right way.” (Forbes)

Data allows you to focus and concentrate your attentions on specifics, targeting your audience based on demographics, socio-economic factors, buying behaviours and buyer personas. Long gone are the days of mass, un-targeted broadcast marketing. The digital age has brought about a broader reach alongside pinpoint targeting accuracy, meaning that data matters.

Great data works because:

  • It gets your message in front of the right people

  • It circumvents the traditional marketing process by providing you with the necessary contact data to reach decision makers directly

  • Smart IT contact data makes targeting simple and effective

  • You can use personas to identify and clarify your market then create contact lists based on accurate data

  • It allows marketers to gain a laser-sharp understanding of their target audience

  • It helps you focus your marketing efforts on what really works.

Great marketing is data-driven

Great data allows you to send personalised content and timely, targeted messaging to your prospects. The right contact data will help you build trust and brand loyalty. Data-driven marketing is the key to brand stretch and the ability to nurture prospects from top to bottom of funnel.

Data-driven marketing is the strategy of using detailed customer information and business intelligence for optimised, targeted marketing and creative messaging. As a widely adopted approach it has transformed digital marketing and is now ubiquitous. Usage of data, often in an automated manner, allows for a significantly improved marketing strategy. Its customer-centric nature enables marketing to become increasingly personalised. This type of ‘people first’, data-driven approach is responsible for driving considerable ROIs for marketers.

Data-driven marketing allows you to target the right people with the right content at the right time. Consumer communications must be precisely targeted to resonate with and be relevant to your target audience.

How to make your marketing data-driven

  • Personalise your marketing: subscribers now expect personalized emails with products and messaging that appeal to their preferences. Getting this right every time requires that marketers use data insights to deliver messages that resonate with subscribers and stand out.

  • Constantly consider the customer experience: use data-driven marketing to enhance the customer experience by conducting satisfaction surveys and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Use a multi-touch approach: identify the channels that perform best, and which content format works the best at any given time

  • Strive to constantly improve quality: data enable us to continuously improve marketing content in line with customers’ ever-changing needs. Being data-driven also improves the overall quality of your content, but to really achieve this you must frequently refresh your data.

  • Focus on loyalty: implementing a customer retention strategy will go a long way toward improving client relationships and increasing lifetime value.

  • Invest in marketing automation: enabling you to make the most of the data at your fingertips.

One of the biggest reasons marketing campaigns fail is due to the wrong data being used to build the campaign. Data tells you what your customers like. This is what will win you business, but it can also be what causes you to lose valuable opportunities.

Data-driven marketing has never been more important

Intelligent data should not be an afterthought, it’s the foundation of every marketing strategy. It enables personalisation which fosters customer engagement and loyalty. Data-driven marketing is the key to brand stretch and the ability to nurture prospects from top to bottom of funnel.

Personalising and targeting marketing messages helps consumers make more educated and informed decisions. Advances in technology and data-driven marketing strategies are plentiful and marketers have many personalisation tools at their disposal e.g., marketing automation platforms, multi-channel experiences, AI, and predictive analytics. Due to the vast amount of marketing pushed into the ether, today’s consumers tend to have shorter attention spans and patience for only that which is highly relevant and engaging

Data has the potential to show us the way to make anything, and everything happen. It should be treated as one of our most valuable assets, if it is, data becomes a guiding light to unlocking competitive advantages and delivering the future.

Simply put, data matters.

ProspectaBase is the right data partner for any IT marketing.

It contains intelligent IT contact data on personnel as well as key aspects of organisations' IT installations:

  • 580,00+ contacts

  • 315,000 contact names

  • 157,000+ senior IT expenditure influencers

  • 106,000+ IT decision makers

  • 97,000+ UK based businesses and organisations

  • 22,640 UK organisations flagged as having 100+ network users.

A trusted data source for over 24 years, ProspectaBase data is designed to accelerate end user focused marketing and sales strategies.

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