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Good Things (Even Data) Can come In Small Packages

B2B market intelligence is crucial to any marketing campaign. Accurate, reliable contact data containing precise market intelligence is the key to sales success.

There is a plethora of suppliers of B2B market intelligence in the UK and many of them boast millions of contact records. But does data have to be high in volume to be any good?

Before you sign up with a company that boasts millions of data records, it might be worth asking yourself the following questions; How intelligent is this data? Is it industry specific? How targeted can you be with the data? Is it granular enough to drill down to aspects such as infrastructure, network users and network component?

Finally, ask the big question; does your data source meet your target audience objectives?

Your data supplier might be a giant in terms of volume, but can it provide accurate, intelligent, CTPS checked and GDPR compliant end user contact data that fits your needs?

More importantly, is this contact data combined with vendor installation data, delivering insight which develops into lead opportunities, lead liaison and lead generation?

“Though she be but little, she is fierce” Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream (Act Three, Scene Two)

Choose ProspectaBase for your GDPR ready data needs

Big isn’t always best

ProspectaBase isn’t the biggest database in the industry, but it is the best. Designed and moulded specifically for the IT industry, it holds intelligent contact data on over 300,000 technology contacts and 110,000 technology decision makers. It not only holds data on personnel but also vital data on key aspects of organisational IT installations and infrastructure. Furthermore, it contains data on IT influencers and non-tech key stakeholders such as HR, finance, marketing and sales personnel. This wealth and breadth of contact data ensures you can target the widest range of prospects.

A key factor in the integrity and validity of ProspectaBase is that it contains records on 19,700 UK organisations flagged as having 100+ network users. Although this sounds like a small figure in comparison with some other database brokers, it actually represents 94% of the total number of UK companies with 100+ network users. We know such companies are a big, target market for our clients due to the volume of components involved in their organisations. 21 years of experience in the technology sector tells us that mainstream suppliers of IT (our clients) want to focus on organisations with a minimum of 50+ network users, indeed the vast majority nowadays seem to concentrate on those with 100 or more network users.

So how many UK organisations have 100+ network users?

It is virtually impossible to give an absolute answer to this question as there is no independent source of such statistics. However, information available from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) gives a strong indication. The ONS compiles data on all UK organisations that are registered for VAT and PAYE, covering all legitimate businesses and public sector entities. Their 2018 report shows that there are 2.6million such organisations in the UK and it segments organisations by employee size (see diagram below).

Employee count does not, of course, directly correlate to network users and it's safe to assume that some organisations employing 80/90 people will have a few additional network users (e.g. consultants) that could push them into the 100+ bracket, but it also safe to assume that there are a great deal more of the 25,015 shown as 100+ employees above that will not have network access for all of their employees (e.g. organisations such as agriculture, construction, retail etc).

What does all this mean. Well, if an IT supplier’s target market is focused on 100+ network users, their total captive audience is definitely going to be less than 25,015 organisations. At ProspectaBase, through subjective calculations, we would assume that the actual number of UK organisations with 100 or more network users is between 20,500 and 21,000.

The ProspectaBase count of organisations flagged as having 100+ network users currently stands at 19,700, which represents 94% of the total 100+ market, and we continually strive to identify, and profile, organisations not currently held.

But that’s not all

What else makes ProspectaBase market intelligence even more special is the fact that it is the only IT database to size by network component e.g.:

· Users

· Physical server volume

· Virtual server volume

· Total data stored

The only IT database which sizes by network component

It is true that other list houses have far more records of UK based organisations than ProspectaBase. The ProspectaBase total of 86,000 organisations can appear insignificant against other claims of several million records.

How can we rationalise this dichotemy?

There are obvious questions around quality and accuracy which we can counter by assuring prospective clients that our data is regularly cleansed by our own, in-house team of data scientists. We can also reassure prospects that we have the tools and disciplines to ensure that data is churned on a continual basis. Through constant cleansing we continually strive to identify and profile organisations

Additionally, our data is IT specific. Our records contain the name of at least one IT professional and the number of network users within the organisation. Add to that a multitude of IT installation fields and this gives clients the ability to really focus their sales & marketing activities on precisely targeted organisations.

ProspectaBase isn’t simply a silo for contact information, it’s way bigger than that.

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