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Father Christmas is our Data Hero

Updated: May 14, 2021

Father Christmas skips through the festive season without a care in the world for data privacy or regulations. He doesn’t need permissions, opt-ins or data protection officers. He knows that we’d rather have presents whether we’ve expressly consented or not. Father Christmas is always welcome, which (we hate to say it) isn’t necessarily the case for marketing activities.

In the real world, the use of personal data is a year-round concern for marketers. Since GDPR came into effect, as an industry we’ve all done our utmost to ensure any data we hold or use is squeaky clean and GDPR ready. But, depending on how you source your data it can still be a challenge.

As long as we are gathering, holding, using and cleansing our data efficiently and have a lawful basis for which to use it, we can carry on marketing with confidence, knowing we are adhering to the regulations and providing people with information on products they are already either using or interested in using. In our slice of the B2B marketing world (the IT sector), we have an engaged database of people interested in IT products and services and we use their previous interactions, buying patterns/behaviours and installed infrastructure intelligence to choose when, and with what, we contact them. We use legitimate interest as the basis on which we maintain contact with our database and to market our clients’ products and services.

This approach means we only contact people on a personal level as and when we have products to market which will be of interest to them. This information stems from the intelligence held in our database Prospectabase. We also make life easy by enabling a quick and simple way to unsubscribe, leaving control very firmly in the customer’s hands. We would rather have a smaller database of engaged recipients, than a huge database of disinterested individuals. We believe this makes for better practice and a better relationship with those on our database.

Father Christmas is our Data Hero

By Brigitta Schneiter, Unsplash

Our aim is to emulate Father Christmas in relevance and timeliness. To deliver marketing campaigns on behalf of clients that are as personalised as the Christmas list you send to the North Pole (you do still believe, right?). There’s a bit of an art to this and we’re pleased to say we have the knack. Well, we should after more than 20 years in the business.

Our expertise is delivering lead generation marketing campaigns stretches from telemarketing to digital marketing and account-based management to multi-touch marketing. Our breadth of expertise means our clients can relax in the knowledge that our campaigns generate leads which turn into pipeline. Our campaign expertise combined with the intelligent data in ProspectaBase provides results as good as Father Christmas.

We pride ourselves not only on the accuracy and cleanliness of our data but also its relevance. And for this we must thank our ranks of data scientists, the ones who work as hard as Santa’s elves, spending their days profiling and cleansing to ensure that ProspectaBase really is worth its weight in data gold.

And finally, if you’re wondering where you can see Father Christmas in the run up to this year’s festivities now that grottos have been cancelled, don’t fret – you can use this year’s newest but most ubiquitous online service … Zoom!

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