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  • Helen Pritchett

Do you need to target decision makers?

When you need sales, you need to contact the decision makers. No dilly dallying about with gatekeepers, you need to get straight to the organ grinder. Today’s buyers have better access to product information (and reviews) than ever before. Not only that, but the array of products and services available means competition is fierce. You need to stand out above the crowd, and one way of doing this is by getting direct access to the decision makers to present your solution.

Many databases have a huge number of contacts, but it is the level of intelligence behind the contacts and, importantly, the number of actual decision makers included that will make the difference. ProspectaBase, the specialist IT industry database, contains the type of data that gives you direct access to the IT decision makers you need to target. ProspectaBase contains intelligent IT contact data, including job titles, to support your buyer personas, meaning you can create lists specific to the people you really want to target.

Precise data intelligence allows you to focus your campaigns on specific target audiences. Accessing intelligent data on individual contact data, location, and size as well as key aspects of organisational IT installations enables you to segment, and target based on a specific set of circumstances and needs. Broadcast comms can work, but to create truly personalised campaigns you need personalised data lists.

The best databases not only segment by contact data but can also provide information based on size of network component e.g.: users, physical server volume, virtual server volume and total data stored. This type of information further enhances your campaign strategy as using targeted buyer personas combined with organisational intelligence will boost your campaign success.

When the type of target organisation matters, trust ProspectaBase to identify your audience and deliver the pipeline you need. IT decision making job titles and buyer personas contained in ProspectaBase include:

Chief Information Security Officer Chief Information Officer Applications Architect

Director of Security Head of IT Applications Developer

Information Risk Manager IT Director Systems Architect

Intrusion Detection IT Manager Developer/Programmer

Risk Assurance Manager Network Director Infrastructure Architect

Security Systems Manager Technical Director Software Developer

ProspectaBase: B2B marketing data you can trust.

A trusted data source for over 24 years, ProspectaBase data is designed to accelerate end user focused marketing and sales using intelligence to support your buyer personas.

Efficient. Secure. Reliable.

Partner with ProspectaBase to build your pipeline.

ProspectaBase is:

  • Fully compliant with all data protection and data usage legislation

  • Accurate, containing up to date, B2B contact data for the IT market

  • Staffed by a highly trained and accredited team offering expert guidance

  • Value for money and a great return on investment

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