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  • Helen Pritchett

Discover a Winning Formula with ProspectaBase Data

The Tokyo Olympic Games opening ceremony took place on Friday, July 23, 2021 and millions tuned in to watch as the games, delayed by 12 months, took to the world stage.

Tokyo 2020 features 33 sports and a whopping 339 medal events, combine this with the 23 sports of the Paralympics and you have the biggest Olympic programme to date. The IOC has included four new sports - karate, surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing - and baseball and softball are making a return to the Olympic list. Approximately 11,000 athletes are expected to compete at the Olympic Games with an additional c. 4,000 at the subsequent Paralympic Games.

Every athlete taking part is already a winner. Each has spent years honing their skills, practising their speciality, improving their technique, fitness, diet, and mindset until they are at the peak of their physical and mental performance. The Olympic Games is about winners, those that go home with a medal have outclassed the others, but just in order to take part each athlete has already achieved remarkable things. Each athlete is an Olympian by virtue of the fact they are competing at an Olympic Games, regardless of whether they win a medal or not. Being eligible to participate in such a renowned event means that they have displayed outstanding athletic abilities and achieved excellent results in their respective sports. It is not an easy thing to accomplish, which is why every athlete that reaches the Olympics deserves the utmost respect.

To become champions, athletes don’t rely solely on their bodies. Being a great and highly skilled athlete requires a sharp mind and intelligence. Athletes cannot achieve such Olympian status on their own. Olympians compete as part of a national team but also as team members or individuals, depending on their chosen sport. In addition, they are backed by a team of expert coaches, dieticians and sport psychologists ensuring that every element of their fitness, health and psyche is in tip top condition.

Choosing the right partner agency from which to buy your data is a bit like choosing the right coach to get you to the Olympics. You must select an agency that mirrors your values and virtues, choosing an organisation that you can trust, which understands you and your product/services, which is credible, which delivers results and which can deliver on your needs. You must be able to work side by side on every project, delving deep into each campaign requirement and drilling down into the data to ensure you get the absolute best out of every campaign.

Like the right coach, the right data agency can make the difference between ‘medalling’ or going back to the drawing board and starting the 4-year cycle again from scratch. The right ‘coach’ will understand the industry, your business, and your objectives, and will work

alongside you to create data sets that will make a significant difference to your campaigns.

The Olympic motto is “faster, higher, stronger”, and Olympic values are “excellence, friendship, and respect”. These values can be ascribed not just to Olympians and the Olympics, but to almost every industry, organisation or group in any sector or industry.

Take the IT contact data sector. Far be it from us to apply Olympian values to our products and services, however, like Olympians, we strive to improve, to excel and to achieve levels of excellence for our customers. We also have strong values of respect for personal data, openness with our customers and a work ethic which strongly demonstrates attention to detail and credibility in our product. Agencies that gather, store, and sell data do so bound by strict guidelines and regulations. Likewise, customers looking to buy data always require it to be more detailed, cleaner, compliant and to offer more insight. They also want it to be provided by an organisation which strives for data excellence, is reliable and approachable and respectful of the personal nature of the type of data being used.

It might seem tenuous to liken a data agency to the athletes and coaches of Olympian proportions, but what we can attest to is that we endeavour to do our very best and to bring our customers the results they require.

We strive to succeed, we strive for excellence, we strive to be the best and to provide excellence for the customers that place their faith in us. To find out more about achieving IT data excellence on an Olympic scale, please get in touch at

We wish everyone competing at Tokyo 2020 the very best of luck!

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