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DataBeat – Beating At The Very Heart Of Your Business

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

In the month of love, we’re sharing a little of the good stuff with our readers; offering information on how to get to the beating heart of their business and improve sales using a new product from ProspectaBase.

DataBeat gets right to the heart of your data. It helps you identify your customers which have the most potential for profitability and enables you to mirror those characteristics to find other, similar organisations to target. #sharethelove

The service facilitates better understanding and clear analysis of your profitable customers, prospects or target market sweet spot and allows you to use this knowledge to target similar organisations.

Such a service allows you to gain a better understanding of the key demographics or trends amongst your profitable end user customers. In so doing it allows you to focus efforts on targeting similar organisations to increase potential profitability.

Customer relations are about human to human interactions and it is human nature to feel reassured that they’re purchasing from entities that already have known experience with similar calibre set-ups, projects and operations.

DataBeat can also add our intelligence to your existing data allowing you to inject new life into potentially stale data and to uncover new opportunities with your most profitable customers and to identify new target accounts.

The service offers a couple of options and can be used either with your own data, or new data acquired from, for example, ProspectaBase.

Option 1: Analyse your customer base to explore and understand key demographics of your profitable customers, prospects or target market sweet spot.

Option 2: Use ProspectaBase Data Intelligence. Acquire net new data that falls within the parameters of the recommended audience demographics.

Used effectively, DataBeat can aid in creating a ROI busting strategy by defining a database of prospects that fits a similar criteria to those end users already fulfilling your bottom line.

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