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Data: How Do You Source Yours?

Updated: May 9, 2019

It’s not rocket science; inbound marketing, personalized content and timely, targeted messaging is the best way to reach prospects and nurture them from MQL to SQL level. This data-driven marketing is the key to brand stretch and the ability to develop prospects from top to bottom of funnel. But to achieve it you need the right, good quality data. Sourcing this data will help you build trust and brand loyalty and get prospects moving down the funnel.

Ensure you trust your data source

We know data is important, but data quality is vital. Remember the 2012 LOCOG synchronised swimming ticket debacle? Four synchronised swimming sessions were oversold by 10,000 tickets thanks to a single (unsynchronised) keystroke error. Depending on the size of the faux pas, the cost of poor-quality data for the economy can run into tens of millions of pounds annually. And the cost to the economy isn’t just a result of mistakes. Data content is gold dust. Failing to leverage the data you have at your disposal can also be a costly error.

Using high quality data enables you to be agile in your approach, deliver campaigns and measure results. Focus on the desired outcome and ensure your data is adequately profiled to ensure you have identified redundant data and focused on the right contacts to target.

‘Good' data is often misinterpreted, which can, impact on the information and knowledge that ensues. What is more likely is that the information and knowledge prove to be faulty because the data collected is itself erroneous.

There are three aspects to consider when looking at the legitimacy of data:

  • Accuracy

  • Reliability

  • Validity

It’s not easy to find the right data, but that’s where we can help with ProspectaBase.

​ProspectaBase is a specialist IT contact database that contains 92% of the UK’s SME/corporate organisations. It’s the only UK-focused IT marketing database to use size criteria based on PC/network users, server numbers (virtual and actual) and data storage amounts.

Here are a few important points you might want to know:

Figures published by the ONS indicate that there are around 23,000 organisations in the UK with 100+ employees (companies & public sector entities)

ProspectaBase has 19,500 organisations with 100+ network users, within an overall database of 350,000 records. It holds data on key aspects of an organisation’s IT installation: e.g. infrastructure, database platform, total data stored, number of network users, renewals and project intelligence​.

ProspectaBase holds a multitude of hardware searchable fields including storage vendor, server vendor and networking components​.

The applications intelligence held in ProspectaBase includes database software, server virtualisation software, storage management software and a host of security software applications.

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