• Helen Pritchett

Data Segmentation; Why It Will Improve Your ROI

Data segmentation is the process of manipulating your marketing data to a project or campaign specific level so that you can use it for targeted marketing communications. Segmentation enables you to orchestrate your campaigns better to achieve more powerful customer interactions and ROI.

Use of a segmentation approach forms part of a marketing strategy which involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs, and then implementing strategies to target them. This approach allows you to market intelligently; sending personalised, relevant and targeted messaging to a quantified, identified audience. Clever use of marketing data for segmenting and targeting can turn an average campaign into awesome campaign.

Applying a data segmentation approach means you can segment your database to a very specific and personal level in order to get the most out of customer data. ProspectaBase uses a proprietary system, a clever marketing automation engine, to segment and target to a granular level for client marketing campaigns.

Your customers want to be approached in a personal way. Recent research has shown that one in four customers deletes an email simply because the message didn’t seem relevant enough to them personally.

Granular Data Segmentation Delivers Campaign ROI

This type of system supports your personalisation objectives by enabling data segmentation at a very granular level. The software links directly with your database and allows you to:

  • Drill down into the fine details of company and contact demographic information to ensure you are targeting the right people

  • Target those most likely to have a need for your product/solution

  • Target prospects who are in the best position to make purchasing decisions

  • Focus on prospects who you know have live projects relevant to the focus of your campaign

How Do You Know What The Right Platform To Support Your Lead Generation Campaigns Is?

Pick an intuitive platform that delivers effective, granular data segmentation and targeting for marketing campaigns.

Choose a platform that helps you connect with your audience. An intelligent data manipulation and management engine enables you to create precise, targeted, personalised data sets.

Chose a platform that has multiple searchable criteria incl. geography, vertical, number of users, servers or virtual servers, data amounts and installed technology. This level of detailed audience identification results in superior engagement and nurturing opportunities.

ProspectaBase provides a consolidated contact and marketing database, combine this with intelligent marketing automation, to drive sales and insight.

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