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Data Matters: Use the Best

ProspectaBase has been profiling, gathering, cleansing, and verifying data for nearly 25 years. Designed for the IT industry, ProspectaBase focuses on high quality contact data for the IT market and prides itself on having the best and most accurate end user contact data available for the UK's technology sector. The database holds records on 22,640 UK organisations flagged as having 100+ network users plus intelligent contact data on over 580,000 IT contacts, 157,000 senior IT expenditure influencers and 106,000 IT decision makers. ProspectaBase also holds 55,000+ mobile and direct dial numbers, meaning you get straight to your target audience, even if they are working from home. Not only that, but the database also holds data on key aspects of organisations' IT installations, offering a dual layered targeting approach.

Intelligent data is the foundation of every marketing strategy.

ProspectaBase delivers unsurpassed contact data, technical infrastructure details and current supplier information. The IT end user data intelligence combined with installation data provides the type of insight which develops into lead opportunities, lead liaison and lead generation.

Through constant cleansing we continually strive to identify and profile organisations to ensure we provide our clients with incomparable accuracy.

It can be hard to quantify the significance of such data so we’ve produced an abridged set of statistics which should give some insight into the level of data our partners have access to. In terms of contact details available for the UK IT sector, the depth and breadth of ProspectaBase is second to none:

Accelerate Sales with Industry Leading, Unique IT Installation Data Our experience is that contact data on installations can be the key to successful marketing campaigns. Knowing what technology your target audience is using is vital in enabling you to personalise your marketing activities in such a way that achieves your sale objectives. Data stored in ProspectaBase includes:

  • Data Centre – 192,560

  • Business Intelligence​ – 29,620

  • IT & Network Security – 220,996

  • Networking & Telecoms – 104,172

  • Cloud – 109,316

What makes our market intelligence even more special? ProspectaBase is the only IT database to size by network component e.g.:

  • Users

  • Physical server volume

  • Virtual server volume

  • Total data stored

Download the full vendor and installation figures here.

The variety and detail of intelligence we hold empowers telemarketing agents, enabling them to personalise their pitch, speaking with confidence about installed technology and target requirements which results in far warmer sales conversations. Using our intelligent data will help you personalise and target by IT buyer persona, IT landscape or IT business type. The data is there, the choice of targeting is yours.

Whether you want data for telemarketing, direct mail, digital marketing or eMarketing, Our Data Scientists can help. Choose ProspectaBase as your data partner and tap into our wealth of IT contact data knowledge and marketing experience for ROI that will hit targets and build pipeline.

Target with confidence. Target with ProspectaBase.

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