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Data in the news September 2021

Welcome to the September round up of some of the top data stories hitting the news so far this month ...

TikTok in the headlines again for data misuse

Image by Antonebe from PIxabay

TikTok is being investigated by Ireland's Data Protection Commission - which leads the EU's regulation into the company - amid fears that user data is being transferred to China and over its approach to child safety.

Announcing the move, the DPC said it would examine TikTok's compliance with the EU-wide data regulations for under-18s, and age verification measures for under-13s.

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Amazon ssign
Image by AP

Amazon slapped with record £638m fine for GDPR data breach

Amazon has been slapped with a record-breaking fine by the European Union for a violation of its GDPR data protection rules.

The fine was imposed by the Luxembourg National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD).

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, requires companies to seek people’s consent before using their personal data or face steep fines.

Amazon said it believed the decision was without merit and that it would defend itself vigorously in appealing the fine but did not specify why the fine was issued.

The CNPD told The Independent that it issued the decision on 15 July, 2021 but said that legally it was not allowed to communicate about individual cases and was “bound by professional secrecy.”

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How data could help us live healthier lives

AFP via Getty Images

Somewhere in the mass of data about our health and habits there will be clues as to how government and the food industry can help us live more healthy lives.

Welcome to the real-time data revolution. There is a fun example of that in the Bloomberg Pret Index. Every week, Pret a Manger tells Bloomberg how their food and drink sales are going at different locations including the West End and City of London, central Paris and Hong Kong, and Midtown and Wall Street in New York. This is used to create an index, comparing sales with pre-pandemic levels. So last week the West End was 0.73, running at 73 per cent of the level of January 2020, while Hong Kong was 0.62, Midtown NY 0.51 – and so on (London suburbs are the only location where sales are up, by the way).

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Are you fed up of the web cookie chaos?

Image from Wix Media

The UK's privacy watchdog has called on its G7 peers to do something about website cookie consent pop-ups that became unavoidable after the EU's General Data Protection Regulation came into force.

The UK's Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham is raising the cookie consent issue at a meeting with G7 authorities today and plans to present a "vision for the future" where browser users can more meaningfully consent to cookies than current methods.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) wants G7 members to pressure tech giants to create browsers, software applications and device settings that "allow people to set lasting privacy preferences of their choosing, rather than having to do that through pop-ups every time they visit a website."

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UK Government launches data protection reforms - DMA responds

Image create from www.gov.uk via Bembo Ltd

In September the UK government published its consultation on reforms to the UK’s regulatory regime for personal data protection. Entitled ‘Data: A new direction’ the consultation aims to create a new, pro-growth and innovation friendly data protection regime.

The proposals appear to incorporate suggestions put forward by the DMA and our Members:

  • Greater clarity around the expanded use of legitimate interests.

  • The extension of soft opt-in for email to the charity sector

  • Reduced administrative burdens on businesses to fulfil accountability/compliance requirements.

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And finally …

Sharing personal data in an emergency – a guide for universities and colleges

To help universities and colleges feel confident they can share people’s information lawfully, the ICO has set out some practical steps:

  • Plan ahead

  • Have a data sharing agreement in place

  • Staff training

  • Access our data sharing resources

To find out more click the read more link below.

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