• Helen Pritchett

Data – How Do You Segment Yours?

If data segmentation is more of a trial than a triumph, you might want to look at the way you segment your data. We presume you’re not doing it manually and filtering an excel spreadsheet. You might be using a form of CRM system with a database attached via an API. You might even be using a 3rd party platform. Whichever stage you are at, today is always a great time to re-evaluate your approach.

Are you ready for a change that will really impact your business?

You need a marketing automation platform that will segment your data allowing you to target in an intelligence-led, granular approach. ProspectaBase uses a modular, feature-rich, easy to use data segmentation tool and marketing automation platform enabling you to target the key IT stakeholders making technology purchasing decisions.

Using this platform saves time, cuts costs, improves prospecting/lead generation and improves effectiveness & efficiencies and gives a competitive edge. But, so do other marketing automation platforms. What gives our system the edge?

  1. Source and segment target data and widen your target audience through ProspectaBase

  2. Obtain to date lists

  3. Reconcile your own data with industry leading ProspectaBase

  4. Simple segmentation allows you to focus on a core audience

  5. Easy to use

  6. Simple and intuitive (compared to other leading MA platforms) with an easy-to-navigate icon-based layout

Our clients want to save time, money and improve their new business opportunities.

Every business is unique, which is why a good segmentation and marketing automation solution needs to be flexible and fully customisable. We work closely with every 

customer to ensure what we deliver is the perfect fit with their business requirements.

We to help you get the most from your customer data. It’s marketing, sales and CRM in one easy to use package. Its key feature is a data segmentation and targeting tool, which allows you to create campaigns based on specific audience criteria. The intuitive software lets you manipulate and segment data to improve targeting, supporting your aims of better quality leads and ROI. It also features a fully integrated messaging platform, which enables you to quickly and easily create and send highly personalised emails, texts and push notifications.

Find out more today and change your life …

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