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  • Helen Pritchett

Customer Relationships – The Key to Success

We'd like to say a big thank you to all our customers.


Without you, ProspectaBase would not thrive, progress, or deliver on its promise. Our customers are vital, they are the key to our past, present and future. Not simply because without customers any business stagnates, declines, and can ultimately fail, but because our customers are what drives us to improve, to build and to develop.

Our customers are vital. The impact customers can have on a business is huge. The customer can effectively cause the loss of employment of anyone from a junior team member to the MD by not repeating their business. As a company we gain a lot of revenue from repeat business so, in essence, our customers are our business. If we don’t deliver, they won’t continue to work with us. It is on our interests to make things work for our customers or they will choose to work with our competitors. Going the extra mile, ensuring our products and services are fit for purpose and delivering excellence at every touchpoint keep our customers happy and keeps us on an upwards, profitable trajectory. With such success we can continue to build our database and our company in order to continue to deliver excellence to our customers.

Repeat Custom Builds Growth

Prospectabase, and its wealth of data scientists, are good at what we do not just because we have such varied experience of collecting and cleansing data for a variety of different technology solutions but because our clients choose to work with us. Their faith and investment in us as a company, and our database as a resource, gives us confidence in our services and offerings and the reassurance, we need to continue building our database, our business, and our reputation.

We have a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, sharing our frontline experience as well as our data, which helps them improve and build their brands and customer base. Through this symbiotic relationship we both benefit, they help us and we help them.

The ProspectaBase database is accurate and comprehensive for many reasons, amongst them:

  • Age brings wisdom: ProspectaBase has been collating data for nearly 25 years

  • Cleansing counts: we take pride in ensuring our data is kept clean and up to date

  • Compliance is key: our data scientists work hard to ensure our data is compliant, accurate and top quality

  • Knowledge breeds expertise: Many IT companies choose to work and share technology information with our data scientists and telemarketers

Symbiosis in Action

Why do the relationships we build with our clients make such an impact? And why does the number of IT companies that we work with contribute to the accuracy of our data?

Our customers are a great source of education and knowledge for our telemarketers and data scientists. We become technology experts because our customers and partners support us with training and vendor accreditations. The ability to learn from the IT industry experts enables us to gain great insight and knowledge and to become top level brand ambassadors in order that we can share precise knowledge and insight on campaigns run using Prospectabase data.

One of the important factors in building great relationships with our customers is our open-door policy – clients can come in whenever they like and treat our office as an extension of their own.

It’s almost impossible to sum up the special relationship we have with customers and why this impacts our business in such a positive fashion. Is it our attention to detail? Could it be the depth of knowledge in our database? What about the in-depth technology knowledge of our team? Perhaps it is the no-nonsense, flexible, and high energy approach we have? Or maybe the significant return on investment our customers achieve?

What is certain is that we have too much intelligence built into our database to possibly tell you about in this blog so let’s flip the scenario … you have 3 choices:

  1. Request a data sample – we know once you see what we have to offer you’ll want more

  2. Tell us what you need and we’ll reply to tell you how we can help

  3. Book a demo – we’d love to show you how great our data is, so don’t delay – book a demo today!


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