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Clean Data Brings Better Sales

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Most companies that subscribe to data intelligence lists struggle with keeping purchased data up to date once it enters an internal CRM or marketing database. This undoubtedly results in data quality deterioration. With list subscriptions often carrying quite a hefty price, the consequence of deteriorating data is an inability to capitalise on the investment that you’ve made.

If you’re looking to access your target market, understand which prospects you should be focusing on, benefit from real-time data updates, segment your database to deliver a personalised approach and turn this database into a lead generation platform then this is the blog for you. Data matters. Data intelligence gives you the opportunity to make informed strategic decisions on how and when you use marketing funds. The intelligence in the data you use will make the difference between successful lead generation and mediocre marketing results.

Data-driven marketing is key. Using the right industry contact data will accelerate sales. Intelligent data is the foundation of every marketing strategy. The right database should never deteriorate and should deliver unsurpassed contact data, technical infrastructure details, renewal schedules & current supplier information. If this is the case, you have all the intelligence you need to target the right people, with the right information at the right time.

We recently hosted a virtual classroom webinar to discuss keeping data clean, the ins and outs of data-driven, targeted marketing and how to make the best of the data intelligence at your fingertips. The main tenets of this webinar are featured here …

1. Gaining access to your target vertical market(s)

Tapping into clean, accurate IT end user data intelligence will drive successful marketing campaigns for those in the IT sector. ProspectaBase's smart IT contact data makes targeting simple and effective enabling you to tap straight into your target vertical markets with confidence. We recommend using personas to identify and clarify your market then create lists based on accurate contact data.

2. Understanding which prospects fall into your sizing sweet spot

The IntelliData service from ProspectaBase gives you access to all your potential target data intelligence and current IT budget decision makers or influencers. The easy-to-use segmentation tool makes targeting simple and incredibly effective. Using IntelliData, customers gain access to all their target data intelligence and current IT budget decision makers or influencers via granular audience segmentation capabilities and real-time data updates. This functionality that means your data never deteriorates and your list never goes stale.

DataBeat is another service that helps you get right to the heart of your data. It Identifies the customers in your database which have the most potential for profitability. The service enables you to understand and analyse your profitable customers, prospects or target market sweet spot and to use this knowledge to target other, similar, organisations.

3. Gleaning insights into your prospect’s current IT vendor investments

IntelliData provides the type of insights that make a real difference. If you can understand your prospect’s current vendor alliances and technical installations you are in a far better place to propose your own technologies and, in fact, not to waste time chasing prospects who either do not use your type of technology or who have just renewed with another vendor and so are not at the right stage in the buying cycle for you.

4. Benefit from real-time data updates to avoid data stagnation

With real-time data updates your data never deteriorates and your list never goes stale. With a partner like ProspectaBase, your data is transferred into its marketing automation engine and is cleansed and churned to create accurate, clean B2B marketing lists. This data is regularly cleansed against the CTPS and is already compliant with all data protection legislation, providing IT budget holders with real-time data accuracy.

5. Turning your database into a lead generation platform

The ability to access accurate, up-to-date IT contact data will turn your database into a lead generation platform. What might once have been a stagnating pool of deteriorating data can be rekindled into am intelligent, data rich environment, full of the right sort of information you need to target the right contacts and convert sales.

6. Keeping your data compliant

Data must be compliant, beyond reproach and squeaky-clean and adhere to all data protection regulations such as GDPR and ePrivacy. Companies must ensure that the telemarketing data they use is checked against the CTPS and all other data is as accurate as it can be before individuals are contacted. The best way to do this is to use a trustworthy data source to ensure you stay compliant. However, if you have your own data it is worth investing in a service such as CTPS Checker which enables you to market with confidence knowing that any data you use has been checked against CTPS records. Stay onside with the regulators by using clean data for engaged prospects. It's a legal requirement that companies don't make marketing calls to CTPS registered numbers. If you do, you're in breach of data protection legislation and liable for a fine.

7. ​Achieving a scalable and relevant data model for your changing needs

ProspectaBase provides you with the ability to easily add new data to your database via your personalised portal. This is a perfect value-add if you want to expand your current target audience to incorporate additional criteria such as geography, job title, business sector etc.

Strategy can change mid-campaign and ProspectaBase offers the capacity to enhance your data based on changing circumstances meaning that you can target different end users, different account managers and different geographies with ease. Reasons for such changes could include, a shift in messaging or the introduction of new products or services and the ability to change direction and focus gives your campaigns, and overall strategy, maximum flexibility.

8. Segmenting your prospects for personalised outreach

Segmentation is crucial to making the best use of your database intelligence. You must drill down into the wealth of data available to you to ensure you are targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right information. A blanket approach may work but accurate, personalised targeting really supports and enhances lead generation activity. ProspectaBase has granular audience segmentation capabilities. Data can be segmented according to campaign requirements and used as and when necessary.

In conclusion, good data management must focus on keeping it clean, which, in turn, will deliver better sales. Don't become a victim of data stagnation. The more accurate the data you use, the more successful your targeting will be. The rest will be down to your compelling content and perfectly formed promotions!

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