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Buying Data? Don't Ignore The Benefits of a Subscription Model

ProspectaBase is an end user database designed specifically for the IT industry. It’s extensive collection of IT contact details and intelligence provides customers with comprehensive and accurate contact data, allowing them to direct marketing activity to exactly the right places. We enable clients to make the most of their marketing resources. We help them focus on targeting the right people, in the right organisations, at the right time and with the right information.

Not only that, but we offer you a variety of ways in which to access this intelligent data to make sure you get exactly what you want. We offer purchase methods to suit you and to ensure you pay for the data you need when you need it.

Accelerate Sales Using Intelligent IT Contact Data

ProspectaBase can help you accelerate sales by using its database of over 300,000 UK IT industry contacts, including over 118,000 IT decision makers and 140,000 IT influencers.

What Purchase Options Are Available?

ProspectaBase data can be bought under 2 distinct license agreements. Firstly, a 12-month licence, which offers a year’s subscription and unlimited usage. Secondly, an infinite license, which does what it says on the tin; it provides you with an infinite subscription and unlimited usage. Both have a minimum order value but the latter option costs a little more per contact name, email address and infrastructure field.

No matter which licence choice you make, depending on your specific requirements, we can include the following information with each data set:

− Company address

− Company telephone number

− Business sector

− Contact name

− Contact email address

− Contact job title

− Contact direct dial / mobile

− Infrastructure installation details

Infrastructure installation details can include account size, applications, software, hardware, telecoms and cloud.

Why We Believe in the Subscription Model (and How it Can Keep Your CRM Clean and Up to Date)

A subscription data model is a hassle-free approach to acquiring data intelligence for a desired period. With marketing and sales focus often switching throughout the year (and in turn target audience demographics changing), a subscription-based approach is your most flexible option. It doesn’t tie you in to long term and complicated contracts.

Furthermore, when considering an outright purchase of data vs a subscription approach, it’s important to consider the rate at which a data list can become outdated and stale. Therefore, unless dedicated resource can be applied to continuously cleansing purchased data, a subscription-based approach will allow for all target data to be auto cleansed upon renewal of a license agreement.

Our Recipe for Data Success

No matter how you choose to purchase your data, we believe following these simple steps will be a recipe for data and marketing campaign success.

1. Target the right organisations – use our installed infrastructure and software data intelligence to target the organisations most likely buy what you sell.

2. Target the right people – ProspectaBase contains data on 118,000+ IT decision makers; the people who can make purchasing decisions to buy your products and services.

3. Target using the right approach – we work closely with clients to understand their IT contact data requirements and to create bespoke data lists which will deliver the best return on investment.

4. Target using the right data – we only keep data on contacts that have a legitimate interest in IT products and services. We also clean data regularly, ensuring it is up to date and accurate. By partnering with ProspectaBase you can rest assured that you

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