• Helen Pritchett

B2B Contact Data in the Post-GDPR World: Insight from the Sharp End

As an agency which supplies data to B2B clients we thought we would share our post-GDPR insight from the sharp end of contact data and B2B marketing.

We supply quality contact data to clients every day. This data is used to make calls and send emails as part of complex digital marketing campaigns. Such campaigns are designed to promote a client’s products and services to the widest possible audience.

The lead up to GDPR was unsettling for everyone using personal data for direct marketing purposes. Concerns were high that nothing would ever be the same again in the world of either B2C or B2B marketing. Threats of legal processes and large fines served to add flames to the fire and organisations felt they were treading on eggshells, waiting for GDPR-Day. Waiting to see how the new legislation would affect them.

We’re now two months down the line and we feel it is time to reflect. We’ve spoken to one of our clients, IT marketing services agency CPB UK Ltd, to get their insight into what trepidation persists and how the B2B marketing landscape lies post-GDPR.

The feedback was surprisingly positive and upbeat!

CPB Call Room Manager, Vicki Farrell, reports that post-GDPR, contacts are more willing to talk. “Since changing our telephony systems in 2016, we never call from a withheld number. With other agencies continuing to withhold telephone numbers, our transparency has resulted in greater trust and has made relationships easier to build.

CPB has chosen legitimate interest as its chosen legal basis, and this is having positive results.

Chairman Jon Pritchett states: “The decision to use legitimate interest seems to make people more at ease when talking to us. They acknowledge they have previously had contact with or expressed an interest in certain brands/companies and are therefore happy to be kept up to date with or contacted about new technologies, products and services.

Now that GDPR projects have finished, customers appear to have time on their hands to plan and think about longer term strategic projects and are keen to learn about new, innovative technologies, products and services.

We have seen greater confidence from our clients in purchasing data. The fear has mostly gone. GDPR is now real and the world of B2B marketing has not come to a grinding halt. Therefore, clients are happier to purchase data and customers are much happier to engage with direct marketing calls.

Vicki Farrel went on to say that “We find we are getting a higher call to contact ratio because contacts are less fearful of cold callers. They have blocked those they don’t want to speak to and are relaxed about receiving calls from organisations they trust. It is also interesting to note that April and May of this year witnessed the first significant drop in CTPS numbers since this suppression file was introduced in 2004 … a further indication of trust strengthening in the B2B community.”

Carrie Mathers, CPB’s Head of account Management & Service Delivery, also had significant positives to report. She has experienced a greater understanding from customers on responsible data handling, processing and storage. “With many months in preparation and all the necessary processes rolled out, our customers find it refreshing to see just how seriously CPB prepared for GDPR and are reassured by the extent to which we have well and truly embraced the new data protection law.

Carrie confirms that “Clients have fewer GDPR fears when purchasing end user data. With strict data controller processes enforced by ProspectaBase combined with customers’ well-tuned data processing rules, both parties are more at ease.

For ProspectaBase, the journey of preparing for GDPR was never about fear, but about opportunity. Our data is clean, accurate and GDPR ready. Our clients are reassured and investing in data for their marketing campaigns. GDPR was (and still could be) a frightening prospect for some, but we’re happy to report that, for us, the sharp end isn’t quite as pointy as we all feared!

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